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Waterproofing Services

Rather than one size fits all approach, we evaluate your house holistically. We study your interior, exterior, and drainage systems to determine the best approach for the design and engineering of your home. Solutions might range from simple regarding of your yard to sump pump system repair or installation to more challenging foundation repairs.


Excavation Services

Harry Braswell Excavation performs a range of residential and commercial excavation services, from regrading backyards to digging new foundations and demolishing existing structures. Excavation processes include digging, dredging, trenching, and/or site development. Each process requires unique techniques, tools, and machinery to do the job safely, correctly, and precisely.

Prevent costly water damage by waterproofing your home

Harry Braswell, Inc. Waterproofing is focused on providing smart, economical waterproofing solutions for homeowners in Alexandria, VA and the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. We draw on our deep understanding and experience with how the systems of a home work together to keep the home safe, dry, and operational. Harry Braswell, Inc., has been renovating homes in this area for nearly four decades and has addressed many waterproofing challenges during renovations.

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30+ Years Experience

Harry Braswell Inc has four decades of experiences addressing waterproofing and excavation challenges in Alexandria, VA.

Top Rated

We provide practical, effective, and affordable solutions to guarantee our customers satisfaction in Alexandria.

We Are Experts

Our team lead has more than 15 years of experience performing excavation services throughout Northern Virginia.


Harry Braswell, Inc. is focused on providing smart, economical waterproofing solutions for homeowners in Alexandria, Arlington and the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.


We offer competitive pricing for all of our work and we are transparent about everything we do.


No matter the size or complexity of the project, you can depend on our commitment, responsiveness, and workmanship.

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